Why Toastmasters

Have you ever wondered if Toastmasters is right for you? Are you striving to become a better communicator? Do you want to learn how to lead?

Watch the following testimonials to find out why others joined.

Here are some testimonials from our own members…

Greg Santos has been an active member of TM Club 1348 since August 2016.

Mike Slattery joined Toastmasters almost 18 years ago and is still a Toastmaster at the Riverside Breakfast Club 1348.

Toastmasters has enabled Jack Kantola to think on this feet.

Tom Jameson learned leadership skills he could use throughout his professional life.

Ed Taylor loves the enthusiasm and energy of Club #1348, Riverside Toastmasters!

Candy Irlanda has increased her confidence!

Susan Ladua is the President of Roots Only Inc.  She is also a Senior Training Consultant at Richard Harder & Associates where she delivers management and supervisory skills training to businesses and healthcare organizations.  Susan joined Toastmasters in 2010.

For answers to your questions please contact our VP Membership at vpmembership@toastmasters1348.com.