Meeting Duties

Toastmaster of the Day

The Toastmaster of the Day (Toastmaster) arranges the weekly meeting based on assignments for the week in the schedule prepared by the Vice President of Education. The Toastmaster contacts participants in advance of the meeting to confirm that they will be at the meeting to fulfill their assigned roles. People who are unable to fulfill their assigned roles are expected to find a replacement and inform the Toastmaster.

TM Club 1348 has a tradition of having a “Theme of the Day” around which the Table Topic Master and the Wordmaster strive to develop their presentations. The Toastmaster also prepares an agenda for the meeting which is distributed to the members at the meeting.

At the meeting the Toastmaster is the master of ceremonies, introducing the participants and assuring that the meeting progresses in a timely manner.


Several members are assigned to serve as monitors for the meeting. The monitor roles are…

  • Wordmaster – The wordmaster comes up with a word of the day which participants are encouraged to use.
  • Timer – The timer times the various presentations in accordance with the timing rules to encourage members to develop presentation which get the desired message delivered in an alloted time.
  • Ah Counter – The Ah Counter monitors the use of filler words like AH that we use to inappropriately connect sentences or fill time space in our delivery.
  • Grammarian – The Grammarian monitors excellent and inappropriate use of the english language.
  • Videographer – The videographer records the presentations of the prepared speakers and their evaluators so that the member can watch their performance and learn ways to improve.
  • Hot Seat – The Hot Seat person must be prepared to fill in for any member that cannot fulfill their assignment at the last minute.
  • Vote Counter – We award a ribbon and traveling trophy to the members who are voted as doing the best Table Topic, Evaluation and Speech of the meeting. The Vote Counter tallys the ballots and records the winners.

All monitors present reports on their findings when called upon by the Toastmaster of the Day.

Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Master prepares 6 to 8 topics that they assign to members during the Table Topics portion of the meeting. Members are expected to create an impromptu response based on the topic and deliver this response to the club in a 1 to 2 minute speech. The objective of Table Topics is to develop our ability to respond intellegently in those situations in life when we are presented with a question for which we have minimal time to prepare a response.


The Jester/Orator prepares and delivers either a jest (humorous story) or an oration to the club in 2 to 3 minutes. The objective is to develop our ability to inculcate humorous and other stories into our presentations.

Prepared Speeches

Two or three people present prepared speeches at each meeting. The speeches are generally fulfilling assignments in one of the Toastmasters manuals starting with the Competent Communicator manual which contains ten speech assignments. After completing the Compent Communicator manual members choose from fifteen advanced manuals each containing five speech assignments.


The evaluation portion of the meeting is a critical element in improving out ability to communicate. This segment is conducted by the General Evaluator who first introduces the Speech Evaluators to do their individual speech evaluations. The Speech Evaluators, using the guidelines in the speech manuals, prepares written and oral feedback for the speaker on their presentation. After the Speech Evaluators have finished the General Evaluators provided feedback on other elements of the meeting.

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