Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join Riverside Breakfast Toastmasters Club?

First, come to one of our meetings and see if you like the atmosphere. Next complete the Membership Application and pay the prorated membership dues. Finally, the club will vote on your proposed membership and you will be inducted as a member of Riverside Breakfast Toastmasters Club 1348.

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2. Can I join at any time?

Yes, new members can join at any time during the year. Membership dues will be prorated according to the month joined.

3. How much does it cost?

Dues are collected every six months, on the 1st of April and the 1st of October. New members pay a one-time new member fee of $20.00, $1.55 Sales Tax, and Semi-annual dues of $70.00. There is an additional weekly cost of $5.00 to cover room rental and buffet breakfast.

4. How dedicated is a member expected to be?

It completely depends on your own initiative and readiness to move forward. We have members who have just started, members who have been attending for a few years and long-time members who have been with the club for 20 years or more. Remember: The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. After all, everyone in the club is rooting for you and wants you to be a successful speaker and leader.

5. I am not a very good speaker. Can I still join?

Absolutely! That is why Toastmasters was established. We meet people where they are and give them the tools and support to improve their public speaking and leadership sklls. You will have the opportunity to complete a curriculum of prepared speeches and leadership projects that will give you confidence, experience and expertise. We are here to support each other, give feedback and have fun in a positive learning environment.

6. I do not speak English well. Can I still join?

Absolutely! There is no better place to practice your English skills than Toastmasters. Participate in club roles as well as give impromptu and prepared speeches to devleop your skills. A mentor will help and guide you through all club activities.

7. How many people attend a meeting?

The meeting sizes vary from one to another. A typical meeting has between 15 to 30 people in attendance, including members and visitors.

8. What is the club atmosphere like?

Toastmasters has a structured agenda that includes club business, impromptu speeches (called Table Topics) and prepared speeches. Members provide support and constructive feedback to each other. The environment is very friendly, warm and welcoming.

9. Is Riverside Breakfast Toastmasters Club open to everyone?

Yes, Riverside Breakfast Toastmasters Club 1348 is a community club comprised of members from very different backgrounds. Our membership includes engineers, consultants, accountants, educators, entrepreneurs, travel agents, financial planners, computer professionals, students – just to name a few.

10. How does Riverside Breakfast Toastmasters Club help me to develop my skills?

We offer many opportunities for members to develop their speaking and leadership skills. At each meeting members will have a chance to speak in front of a warm encouraging audience, either with impromptu speeches (Table Topics) or scheduled speeches. Members can also develop their leadership skills by fulfilling weekly assignments and by serving as club officers.

11. Is there a curriculum?

Yes, Toastmasters International has developed many manuals with specific assignments to help you develop your communication and leadership skills. Complete speeches in the Communication track to become a Competent or Advanced Communicator. Complete assignments in the Leadership track to become a Competent or Advanced Leader. Attain the highest level in both tracks an attain the designation of Distinguished Toastmaster.

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12. Can I give a speech without being a member of Riverside Breakfast Toastmasters Club 1348?

Yes, but only if you have been invited to speak. Only club members and invited guests may give speeches at the club meeting.

13. Are guests welcome?

Yes, you are welcome to come to our meetings as our invited guest to have a look-see before joining. Please contact the President or the VP of Membership to get invited or just show up at one of our meetings.