Becoming a Member

If you decide to become a member of Toastmasters Club 1348, you will need to complete a Membership Application form and pay a one-time New Member Fee of $20.00 (plus $1.55 Sales Tax), semi-annual dues to Toastmasters International of $45.00, and semi-annual Club dues of $25.00 (dues prorated).

Members pay $5 each week to cover the cost of the room rental and buffet breakfast.  If you still have questions, visit our FAQs page or contact one of our club officers.

The Process of Becoming a Member

Your application for membership will be presented to the club for vote and, upon acceptance, you will be initiated into the club and receive a New Member Packet. After that, just come to the meetings regularly prepared to speak, participate and learn.

Growing as a Communicator

The best way to improve as a communicator and leader is to practice.  As a member of Toastmasters Club 1348, you will have many opportunities to assume small club roles, give short impromptu speeches (Table Topics), deliver prepared speeches, evaluate other speakers and serve as a club officer.  Each new member is assigned a mentor and given much support and encouragement from other members.

Each member works through a structured curriculum in the Competent Communicator and Competent Leadeship manuals.  Members can work through both Communication and Leadership tracks simultaneously if they wish, since both modules build upon complementary skills.

Members working in the Communication track learn and practice communication skills by delivering prepared speeches.  Upon completion of assigned speeches, the member will be designated a Competent Communicator or Advanced Communicator (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Becoming a Leader

Members working in the Leadership track learn and practice leadership skills by serving in club roles.  Completion of assignments will lead to designation as Competent Leader or Advanced Leader (Bronze or Silver).  Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest award our organization bestows.  This award recognizes both communication and leadership skills. Members can receive distinction as a Distinguished Toastmaster by attaining the level of Advanced Communicator Gold and Advanced Leader Silver.

More Questions?

If you have any questions or wish further information please contact our VP of Membership – Greg Santos ( )